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Special Event Rides

Labor Day Special Event 2023
By Richard E Bohonsky
Posted: 2023-09-03T21:34:49Z

Come Ride with Us! Take a break from your labors and jump on your bicycle. A, B, C, D and Novice pace groups available with C+ intermediates. Most routes have some overlap just in case you need to drop back. Rides begin at 7:30 AM.

Since the routes overlap and delays (lights, mechanicals, etc), please exhibit caution passing groups. Please watch seams when you change lanes and be aware of traffic should a group need to pass another. Please stay with the group you signed up with. Should you need to drop or move to another group, please notify the ride leader that you are leaving your original group and inform the ride leader of the group you are dropping to.

With all the heat this summer, make sure you attack seams and cracks with a steep angle of your wheels. Be sure to call out seams if it looks uneven.

All groups will meet up at Hoblitzelle Park behind Hendrick Middle School on Red River in Plano. Afterwords, stay and have breakfast (Einsteins, Scramblers, Dunkin' Doughnuts) when you return.

A and B groups meet up in the parking lot by the Pavillion, C group (the largest by far) meet in the parking area just northwest of the the Pavillion and D and Novice groups meet in the west parking lots behind the middle school.

A group will depart as soon as all group members are checked in. B group(s) will follow A, C+ will follow the B groups. C groups will follow C+, D to follow C and Novice follows D.

Labor Day A 2023 route

Labor Day A Group - 9/4/2023


Labor Day B 2023 route

Labor Day B Group - 9/4/2023


Labor Day C 2023 route

Labor Day C Group - 9/4/2023


Labor Day D 2023 route

Labor Day D Group - 9/4/2023


Labor Day Novice 2023 route

Labor Day Novice Ride - 9/4/2023

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