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Special Event Rides

Memorial Day Special Event 2024
By Richard E Bohonsky
Posted: 2024-05-24T20:54:43Z

The routes for Memorial Day 2024 are available. Rides begin at 7:30 from Hoblitzelle Park. All rides will return to Hoblitzelle for the Memorial Day picnic.

As we did last year, all groups will depart Hoblitzelle and take a short bike ride to the Plano Veterans Memorial. After the flag planting ceremony, all groups will gather for pictures. After the pictures, depart for the individual rides. A group will depart first, followed by B group(s), C group(s), the D group and D-Lite.

A, B and C groups will park their bikes toward the Custer or east side of the Memorial while the D and D-Lite groups should park on the west side of the park.

If you are a member who has served in the military or have or family member who has served you are invited to make your way to the lawn to help with the flag planting ceremony. Everyone should direct their attention to the ceremony followed by an assembly on the lawn after the ceremony for group pictures.

Memorial Day A 2024 route

Memorial Day A Group - 5/27/2024

Memorial Day B/C 2024 route

Memorial Day B Group - 5/27/2024

Memorial Day C Group - 5/27/2024

Memorial Day D 2024 route

Memorial Day D Group - 5/27/2024

Memorial Day D-Lite 2024 route

Memorial Day D-Lite Group - 5/27/2024


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