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Monday Morning 'C' Voyage

Oct 2, PGA Parkway
By Jay E Breeding
Posted: 2023-10-01T00:36:30Z

Voyagers hit the high Cs with the PGA Parkway tour on Monday at 0730 (NOTE: the ride information at the signup page was wrong on time, but has since been changed). We launch at our usual yard, the one in front of the Bike Mart in McKinney.

Warning, the PGA Parkway tour is the one with the very late port of call, at mile 23 of the 29.6 mile route, so be prepared to go late into the ride before the break. There is an easterly wind coming at us as we climb PGA but it is under 10 miles an hour with no significant gusts expected. We hope to see you all there.

Oh, and there is a history lesson this week before the ride.

What: Monday Morning 'C' Voyage

When: 0715 muster, 0730 launch

Where: McKinney Bike Mart yard

Pace: 16-17.5 mph rolling average (Strava average the last time we did this route: 17.4) This is a No Drop ride.

Route: PGA Parkway