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Coming Soon - PBA Zwift
Coming Soon - PBA Zwift
By Chris Beavers
Posted: 2023-02-03T23:45:23Z

Hello fellow velo’ers!!!

You might know that February is a big month on Zwift. The Tour de Zwift is nearing the end with still more fantastic group rides having routes of varying lengths and difficulty; today is day #one of the ongoing winter fondo season with the February Fondo group rides kicking off today and over the weekend, and; also this weekend is the launch of the climbing mission where the “elevation seeking freaks”can show us how climbing gets done. Whatever your interest, there’s no shortage of exciting, non-weather impacting ride options in the Virtual world, but; there’s more!

If you are looking to do a warm-up before one of the big zwift events or if you need a lite ride for recovery from any of the February Zwift rides, or if you just don’t want to get outdoors and freeze your Fanny off, please consider group riding with your fellow PBA members on Zwift this Saturday morning at 9:00am.

Invites for a V-PBA ride tomorrow morning and possibly more over the weekend will be going out to those PBA members who follow me on Zwift later this morning. If you want to be invited, use Zwift Companion App and follow me (chris Beavers).

As always we will have the discord voice and ride communication feature activated so we can tease Barry Morchower about his “pretty” matching kit a little. The ride will be a no drop any pace ride using Zwift stay together feature so anyone will be able to join and stay on this PBA group.

Stay warm, stay healthy and stay safe this weekend!